You Must Be an Idiot

You Must Be a Idiot. Not that I mean to demean you in any way by saying “You Must Be An Idiot.” Please, don’t take me seriously. It’s a game, see. And the only reason I think you might be an idiot is because you picked a card from a deck of cards, and in that very deck are cards that tell you that you are in fact, for this round only, well, not exactly an Idiot in any perjurious sense of idiot-like, but rather that you are actually obliged to be wrong.

“You Must Be An Idiot” is the answer to the question: “What would happen if you mixed a game like To Tell the Truth with a game like Trivia?” The other answer is: “you’ll probably laugh a lot.”

True to trivia games, one player reads a question, the others write down, and then read their answers, and it is clearly pointworthy to have the correct answer. Two pointworthies, to be exact. Unless you’re the idiot. After the right answers are scored, the game crosses into the To tell the Truth category. Any one of those wrong answers might have been wrong on purpose. On purpose? Precisely what you’d expect from an idiot. Of course, no one, other than the Idiot (or Idiots), knows if any of the wrong questions are purposefully wrong or just plain uninformed wrong. And so, while to identify the Idiot may be two-pointworthy, being the undiscovered Idiot is three!

A must for anyone either in or seriously considering public office.

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