Yottsugo is a Keeper!

You, of course, know Yottsugo – the Major Fun award-winning word square game. And you probably expected, based on our enthusiastic review alone, that it would prove to be a candidate for the Keeper award, because it’s that kind of game: well-made, unique, deeply challenging, one you want to play again and again. A puzzle, really. A word puzzle.

And yes, it’s a solitaire. But equally yes, it’s fun to solve it with a friend. A close friend who doesn’t frustrate easily.

Bud did you know that there is a genius-level bonus puzzle available to you online?  You did? Well how about all those other online Yottsugo puzzles brought to you via the Yottsugo Random Puzzle Generator?

A Keeper. Most definitely a Keeper.

Major Fun Keeper award

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