Yamslam is a Keeper

Yamslam, like Yahtzee… Well, alright, as we noted when we first gave the game a Major Fun award, it’s a lot like Yahtzee.

On the other hand, it’s so well packaged, so cleverly designed, so, well, exceptional, that it has proven itself to be a game that we just don’t get tired of.

It works, like a good machine – smoothly functioning, reliably fun. The scoring chips and holders, the dice with the two different colored pips, the way everything fits, the smattering of actual decision-making you have to do – the whole package lends itself so beautifully to fifteen minutes of gentle but absorbing fun. You feel like the game is taking care of you, keeping things interesting and under control.

Play it by yourself. Play it with up to four people: kids, parents, friends. Try a few variations, or make up your own. Yamslam. It’s a Keeper all right.

From Blue Orange games.


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