WORLD PREMIER: King of Tokyo – Rockin’ the Pacific Rim



After Christmas, my wife’s family gathers for a reunion in north-eastern Pennsylvania. All five of her siblings have bustling families so, counting our kids, there are over twenty cousins ranging in age from 7 to 30, all packed in to the great-room of a very small retreat center. I love those three days. My wife’s siblings, nieces, nephews, and assorted spouses and significant others are some of the most talented and interesting people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

And do they love games? Oh yes they do.

Last year I brought Kung Fu Fighting which was a big hit among the older nephews. This year, I forgot to pack Kung Fu Fighting but had the presence of mind to bring King of Tokyo (see Major Fun review here). Oh what a wonderful, destructive rampage we wrought…

Rich, the oldest cousin, was so moved that within about 24 hours he had written and composed a theme song for the game (a song our kids sang for a large portion of the seven hour drive home). I mentioned the cousins are talented, right?

So, Major Fun is proud to present the world premier of Rich David’s “King of Tokyo.” Enjoy.

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