Word Bits

Word Bits word gameWord Bits is recommended for 2-4 players. We played it with 8. It’s also recommended for players 8 and up. Our youngest was 10, and our oldest belonged to the order Septuagenarian. And it was fun. In fact, it was major fun.

You get four letter dice. And, thought it is only mildly relevant, I must add that these are exceptionally lovely letter dice, amber-colored, embossed with letters of a pleasingly Victorian-like, serif-ish font, slightly rounded for extra rollability; accompanied by a deck of what can only be called “category cards.” Each of these cards describe, as you might rightly assume, a category, e.g.: Author, Sport, Anything About a Building. The number in the center of each category card indicates how many dice are to be used, from 1 to, as you probably already assumed, 4.

A card is turned over. The appropriate number of dice are thrown. And the first player to announce (or, in our case, yell out) a word that: 1) fits the category, and 2) contains all the letters indicated by the dice, keeps that card. You can play until all the cards have been used. Or you can stop at any pre-arranged number of cards or when somebody has to go to the bathroom. The player with the most cards, if you care about these things, wins. We generally don’t care about such things, especially when the game is so easy to learn, involves everyone, and is so significantly fun.

Elegant game design by Dr. Reiner Knizia. Elegant art by Alvin Madden. Easy to learn. Durable materials. Right-sized package. Fun for the few or many.

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