Wildwords cont’d

As I’m sure you remember, the word tile game Wildwords received a Major FUN award back in March, 2004.

The designer/manufacturer emailed me recently, in the hopes that we could figure out some mutually rewarding connection that would result in getting this wonderfully brain-tickling game to more people. Given my financial acumen and keen marketing sense, I had no idea at all how we could mutualize anything, reward-wise. The only thing that came to mind was writing a semi-altruistic story about the game. That way, he’d have a few more sales, and, well, I’d get the gratification of knowing that I had contributed to the success of something I believed in. And so it goes. And so do I.

So I went back to his website and found a blow-by-blow description of a game of Wildwords as played between Bush and Kerry. OK, so maybe it wasn’t really played by Bush and Kerry. But it gives you a great feel for the game, and the wonderfulness therefrom awaiting you.

Another welcome surprise was this free online version for PC-users, and, for those who seek immediate gratification, this “very tough Java WildWords puzzle.”

There’s a lot more on the website. And a whole lot more if you buy the game. There’s even a Special Offer – free shipping and a dollar off (until Oct. 16) just for you and yours. And no, I don’t make a dime off of it (not enough dimes to share). But I do get the satisfaction of knowing that I played a role in making this significantly fun game a little more affordable.

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