What’s Yours Like?

Today’s conceptual gift is a remarkably simple, and deeply fun party game from Patch Products called “What’s Yours Like?“.

Pick a card. The card has a word on it. Show the card to everyone except the person guessing, who asks: “what’s yours like.” Take turns answering the question, being sure to be accurate, and subtle. Too clear a clue, and it will be guessed immediately. Too subtle, and, well, it’s just not fair.

For example, suppose the card reads “washing machine.” Legitimate answers to such an innocuous “what’s yours like” question might be: “mine is white,” “mine has a lot of knobs,” “mine is noisy,” etc. However, given the age and nature of the people playing, the answers could just as easily become rife with double meaning, and I mean rife, like, for example: “mine makes my underwear wet.”

For us, that was really the charm of the game – how much of it was really up to us – to our collective cleverness and naughty nuanciness. Which means that the game will be different, depending on who’s playing with whom. Different when playing with family than when playing with friends, different with teen-agers than with seniors. Which makes the game even that much more successful, and fascinating, and Major FUN-worthy.

There are 188 two-sided cards “guess word” cards. One side is recommended for older players because they might include things that kids don’t have (in-laws, ulcers, jobs). There are two wipe-off clue boards with markers. The player in the “Hot Seat” uses one, writing down each clue as it is given (the fewer clues, the better the score). There are 95 Challenge cards. These cards allow the Hot Seated player to share the Hot Seat, as it were. That’s when the other clue-writing board comes into play. Now the two players with the Hot Seats compete with each other, the first to guess the word correctly gets to take two points (points are bad) off her score.

What’s Yours Like is a game for 4 or more players. With 4 players, it takes maybe 15 minutes for a round. Figure 3 rounds per game. The art of giving just the right response, of being clever, yet accurate, actually outweighs the accomplishment of guessing what was on the card. It’s a game that will make you laugh, a lot, even without keeping score. Like I said, it’s Major FUN.

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