WeyKick is a Keeper

wooden tabletop soccer

You, of course, remember WeyKick, the tabletop soccer game of undeniably major fun.

It is with significantly consensual joy that we, after hour-upon-hour of committed exploration, present the coveted Keeper award to the WeyKick Tabletop Magnetic Soccer Game. O yes.

It’s fun. It stays fun. It’s fun for kids. It’s fun for adults. It’s fun for two people, or three or four. You can take it easy. You can take it to heart. It makes people laugh.

It comes slightly disassembled, and, if you’re not patient enough, so might you. Everything you need is there. The playing surface is already made, and very well-made it is. The wood is of satisfyingly high quality. All you have to add to it are the little scoring thingies, the goal trays, and the supports. The goal trays are attached by screws of significant length. You may want to drill the holes a tad deeper, depending on how much energy you want to spend screwing. The supports and cross piece need to be attached. If you don’t pay close attentions to the somewhat scant instructions, you will find the installation more daunting than necessary. But what a game! What major fun! A Keeper? For generations!

Major Fun Keeper Award

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