Vi Hart – Defender of the Playful

Vi Hart makes food into platonic solids, and does similar platonic stuff with balloons, and while in math class, doodles, mathematically. She also makes music with burning paper instruments that she also makes, along with paper-tape music boxes; and creates hyperbolic beadwork (don’t ask, click).  I could tell you about her Harry Potter Septet, her Storia podcast, herpublications, her comic, wire, charcoal, and hyperbolic planes art – but what do I know?

Actually, I do know fun when I see it. And Vi Hart is fun. And I know playfulness when I see it. And Vi Hart is most definitely playful. So playful that in my personal lexicography, I would call her a virtual Defender of the Playful, in deed and fact I did.

I often whine to myself about the state of education, elementarily or secondarily speaking. And when teachers ask me how they can make things like Math more fun, my internal whining is all but deafening. Math, I say, mostly to myself, but occasionally to someone who is actually listening, is already fun. You don’t have to make it fun. You have to make the fun of it apparent, accessible. You have to meet people like Vi Hart, who, when she finds herself suffering through yet another math class, doodles herself into realms of pure, abstract, mathematical whimsy.

Thanks for this fine, fun find, funson.

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