Trapture is played on a hexagonal board with sets of 12 “Squiggles” – strips of 3 to 6 rectangles, joined at 60-degree angles. There are apparently many ways strips of 3-6 rectangles can be joined at 60-degree angles. Each of the 2 sets has 11 of them.

At the beginning of the game, the board is seeded with 13 purple pegs, each in its assigned position. Players take turns connecting their Squiggles in the grooves between the hexagonal spaces on the board, attempting to surround pegs. Because the Squiggles are so different, anticipating what territory one particular Squiggle will surround can be a sometimes profound challenge, conceptually and perceptually.

In fact, the challenge is often so profound that sometimes the best thing to do is not think about it at all, take any piece, and get on with it. Which is what makes the game often as much a game of luck as logic. Hence the sometimes Majorness of the FUN.

The transparent squiggles are gratifyingly hefty and colorful. You can play the game without even removing it from its cardboard box, which is a good thing, because when the game is over, closing the lid leaves all the pieces set up securely in position.

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