Trapdoor Checkers is a Keeper

We reviewed Trapdoor Checkers here over a year ago – long enough to verify what we originally thought when we first reviewed the game. It’s fun. It’s unique. It’s well-made. It’s durable. The packaging survives repeated, enthusiastic play. It appeals to anyone old enough to enjoy checkers. It makes you think. And, from time to time, it makes you laugh.

We are happy to give Trapdoor Checkers our highest award.

One thought on “Trapdoor Checkers is a Keeper

  1. I don’t like checkers. Never have. Actively avoided it my whole life. BUT…when my son brought this game home (thanks, Blue!) we played it 5 or 6 times straight!

    It added a dimension of complexity to the game that made the outcome a little less foreseeable, and of course it has the great physical/sonic feedback of snapping the trap door out from under your opponent’s piece and hearing it slap on the table. It provides the perfect opportunity to use your “evil villain laugh.” Keeper, indeed.

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