Gamewright’s card game “Thing-a-ma-bots” is a silly game, naturally, because I designed it. (So this is not a review, even though I personally happen to think that the fun to be had is most clearly Major FUN variety.)

Built completely from parts of other games, the parts I Iike best – Thing-a-ma-Bots is a ‘junkyard approach’ to card game design. A unique, new game, built from a combination of rules from other, older games. A card game designed to challenge everyone equally, kids and adults, based on collections of rules that make people exercise both mental and social abilities. Rules that are often very surprising, and most important to me, rules that make people laugh. Like, for example, that bit from the game Steal the Old Man’s Bundle where “If you play a card that matches the top card of an opponent’s bundle, you steal their whole of their bundle and add it to the top of yours, placing the matching card that you played on top.” Very fun little bit. Makes it impossible to know who’s going to win until the very last minute of the game. (more)

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