The Urchin Ball – a meditation

Yes, one can easily dismiss the Urchin Ball as being a mere variation of the Koosh Ball and of perhaps significant but similar executive playworthiness. And yet, were one to make such an off-hand, out-of-pocket dismissal, one would find oneself, to say the least, remiss. For the Urchin Ball is conceptual finger food of the highest order, raising contemplative fiddling to what can only be called a new level.

Because, you see, at its betentacled core lies a small, stretchy, hollow ball with a small, stretchy hole, and within that hole one can put one’s pencil or even one’s finger, thus imparting to the Urchin Ball a definite flick-from-finger-or-stick-ability. Indeed, so stretchy is this small hollow ball that one could, should the spirit so lead one, turn one’s Urchin inside entirely out.

Obviously, we’ve gone beyond Koosh here. Yes, the many rubbery, wiggling tentacles are clearly Kooshlike in look and feel. Well, not exactly Koosh-like. More tentacular than rubber-bandish, more, well, urchin-like. But in function, the Urchin Ball is like only unto itself, inviting a different kind of play, leading to the development of different kinds of games. So much can be hidden within the stretchy confines of the Urchin’s inner ball that one can only wonder if one could perhaps fit within an entirely other Urchin Ball, such pregant speculation leading to yet further experimentation and mystery.

For some, the Urchin Ball’s special baby powder smell engages yet another sense with sweet surround. For others, it means keeping a clear distance between nose and Urchin Ball. Even after it’s washed. For any Koosh appreciator, the Urchin Ball is one welcome step beyond.

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