The Finest Fish

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There are dog shows and cat shows, but have you ever heard of a fish show? Goldfish fans from across the land compete each year to display the most sensational swimmer. It takes talent and planning to create the most pleasing arrangement of colorful scales. Can you win Best in Show with your finest fish?

The Finest Fish

Designer:  Nate & Jake Jenne

Artist:  Jake Jenne

Publisher: Last Night GamesBGG Entry

2-4 players  30-45 minutes  ages 8+   MSRP $49.95

Time to teach/learn:  3-5 minutes

Full show notes on all the segments are available at The Spiel.

Music credits include:

Fish Heads  | Barnes & Barnes | the song

Any Little Fish | Bobby Short | the song

Little Fish in a Big Pond |Eddie Albert & Mary McCarty | the song

Bicycle Race | cover by Holmes feat. Roy Shakked | the song

Goldfish Bowl | Van Morrison | the song

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