The Big Idea

What’s, you are sorely tempted to ask, The Big Idea? It’s a party game. It’s a creative/persuasive party game with cards. The kind of creative/persuasive card game for parties that makes people laugh.

You get a lot of cards. A lot. There’s your “item cards’ – 92 of them. And then there’s your “description cards” – 92 of them also. And then your 6 “medal” cards and 24 “blank” cards which altogether make up your “vote” cards for up to 6 players, or teams. Beautifully, colorfully, invitingly illustrated cards (the blanks, not so much).

So, let’s say you have six players. You give each player or team four blank cards and one medal card. Then you shuffle all the “item cards” in one pile, shuffle all the “description cards” in the other, and each player gets three from each pile.

Then everyone gets very quiet, except for the occasional irrepressible chuckle, meditating on their cards, combining as many as they want into an idea for an invention of irresistible ingenuity , and then preparing an equally irresistibly ingenious sales pitch. They then take turns making their pitch. After the last pitch is made, someone summarizes all the various inventions, and the voting begins. Voting cards are placed, face-down, beside each player’s invention pile – each player giving a medal card to the one invention they thought the most inventive, and a blank card to all the others. At the end of the round, the player with the fewest medals loses. Several rounds are played. The player or team or, in case of a tie, players or teams to have received the fewest medals loses or lose.

That’s it. That’s the Big Idea. And even though it may remind you of other party games we have already so highly recommended, it’s unique for so many good reasons, three of which are: the two different kinds of cards, the voting mechanism, and the method for determining the winner. All three result in a uniquely fun and funny experience.

1) Having both nouns and adjectives as resources seems to add inspiration for even greater humor and creativity – not only have you invented the world’s first underpants that also can be used as  a can-opener, but these are desktop panty can-openers, designed so they invisibly blend in with your other office accoutrements, whilst remaining at the ready for your less official functions.

2) The voting process is anonymous and painless so you can vote for anyone for any reason without having to explain yourself, and you only have to vote for the one you think is the best.

3) It doesn’t really matter how many people think your invention is the best. All that’s important is that you managed to get at least one vote. This makes for a much gentler competition, resulting in more laughter, and a more light-hearted, creative play experience.

The Big Idea  is published by Funforge. It can be played 3-6 players or teams. The minimum recommended age is eight. It was designed by James Ernest and lovingly illustrated by Stéphane Boutin. At least two more kudos for their efficient and attractive packaging – the box is just large enough to contain the all the cards.

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