The A-Z of Playfulness

This cow was brought to you courtesy of a site once known as It lived on a page devoted to the A to Z of Playfulness. Here is a taste of this significantly playful pith:

angels, n. ordinary people
creativity, n. being yourself
danger, n. boredom, blind habit, addiction, workaholism
happiness, n. gratitude for being alive
laughter, n. the noise of a person fully alive
magic, n. reality

This most playworthy site is written by David.

“David is a part-time student, part-time freelance writer, part-time peace activist, and full-time play maker.

“He is married to a beautiful lady called Siona, hasn’t eaten meat for three years (except for one minor disaster in a kebab shop), and rides a folding bicycle.

“David can be followed on Twitter, Stumbled on Stumbleupon, Dugg on Digg, and photographed on Flickr.” His calls his blog Truant Pen.

David is also hereby and forthwith granted the right to be known as: “Defender of the Playful”

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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