Tell Tale Fairy Tales

Tell Tale Fairy Tales is a recent addition to the Major Fun award-winning Tell Tale line  of story-telling cards from BlueOrange Games. The Fairy Tale edition adds a wealth of images and themes from classic children’s stories.

There are 60 round cards in a brightly colored, round tin. Each card is illustrated on both sides. The illustrations are vividly colored, and as easy to interpret as an image from a classic children’s cartoon. A prince proposing to his princess, a sleeping dragon, a room with three beds in a row. Hmm. Three beds in a row. Remind you of something? Like, say, bears?

And so it goes, and you play, almost like classic poets, building stories replete with references, some arcane, some familiar, and some invented on the spot. Each card reminds you of yet some other story that can be woven into the fabric of your literary creations.

Like the original Tell Tale game, there are recommendations for several different ways of playing – starting points, really, for once you start making up stories, you are tempted to make up rules as well.

Play by yourself. Play with others. Creative. Cooperative. Ageless fun.

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