You know UNO. And you certainly know Crazy Eights. Which could understandably lead you to the conclusion that you also know Swap.

Like UNO, which is like Crazy Eights, Swap is a get-rid-of-your-cards-first kind of game. Like UNO and Crazy Eights, you do that by having cards in your hand that match the color or number of the top card in the discard pile. Unless you have a wild card.

Unlike UNO or Crazy Eights, one of the wild card things you can do is swap hands with other players. And it’s this particularly wild thing that makes Swap into a unique and welcome addition to the Crazy Eights / UNO family.

The opportunity to swap hands results in such a profound change in the strategy and feel of the game, and adds so much to the general hilarity, that it becomes almost instantly and unquestionably Major FUN.

Hence, the award.

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