Sushi Go

Sushi Go


Fresh fish, please!

And keep it coming!

Imagine sitting at a big round table at a sushi restaurant. Mmmmm, right?

The waitress brings a combo plate of sorts and puts it in front of you. You take one piece of your choice (some tempura? Sashimi?) And pass the plate to your left. At the same time, your right hand neighbor, who has done the same thing, passes a different plate to you. (Would you like some salmon? Yellowtail?) You take something and pass what’s left to your left.

Everybody continues doing this until all the plates are empty. Then you get to enjoy all this fine fresh fish! Yum!

Well, I’ve done that at a very large table with a LOT of friends. And, Boy was it fun!

Now let’s make this into a game, ok?

A game that’s fresh like sushi needs to be. 

In Sushi Go (designed by Phil Walker-Harding, with art by Nan Rangsima and Tobias Schweiger) you score points when everybody’s got all the cards they’re going to get for that round. Cards? You get 108 of them! Rinse, repeat three times. The whole experience takes maybe 20 fun minutes.

In this fun game, instead of eating the sushi, you’re trying to collect various sets of cards which will give you points when its time to score.

Complete with chopsticks. And wasabi. And dessert too!

Very tasty! In a Major Fun kind of way.


Every round, you’re dealt a certain number of cards, depending on the number of players. Keep one. Pass the rest. Then turn your chosen card over so everyone can get a hint of what you’re trying to collect, or not.

Each different kind of fish (or wasabi, or chopsticks, or dessert) scores points for you when the round’s over, so there’s some definite strategery. On the other hand, so to speak, you don’t have to worry about anybody taking the game too seriously, because winning and losing are mostly due to sheer luck.

So pass me the Major Fun please!

Major Fun award

Sushi Go, brought to us by Gamewright, is a game for 2-5 lovers of fine, fresh fish fun, age 8 or higher.

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