squigz on my head Squigz are, as advertised “fun little suckers.” They are, also as advertised, an invitation to explore the architectural attributes of “suction construction.” Stick them on a window, on a mirror, on any “flat surface with no residue,” as illustrated.

And, of course, you can stick them to each other. Thus, given the Squigz-appropriate flat surface with no residue nature of it all, your Squigz could very well prove to be the ultimate bathtub construction toy.

Squigz squeezable construction toy with suction cupsIf you’re the kind of kid who likes to play with dolls, Squigz look exactly like people and funny animals and things. And you can stick them together and make them look even more (or less) people- or animal-like. You can make them hug each other and hold hands and take each other for walks. You might not even get as far as sticking them on the window or refrigerator.

Squigz DeluxeOn the other hand, if you’re just a little older, and you’re the LEGO-playing-kind, you spend lots of time finding out what they can stick on and how they can stick on each other and how high you can build them before they fall over and maybe you make bridges and arches and Martian landscapes with castles and weird animals and things. And if you stick them together and then pull them apart just right, they make shockingly loud popping sounds.

Major Fun Award

There’s a Starter Set (shown at the beginning of this post) with 24 pieces. And for twice as much, there’s the Deluxe set with 50. They are, of course, both good investments in creative and often funny family play. We, however, recommend going deluxe, having discovered that they’re just too much fun. Squigz. Soft, squeezable, silicone. Colorful. Eight different shapes, each a different color. Suitable for children as young as three, and as old as you. Be sure to let the young ones have a turn.

From FatBrain Toys.


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