Spot It: Major League Baseball Edition

Blue Orange has expanded its Major Fun Award winning game Spot It with several new editions aimed at a wide range of players and special interests. We recently received and played their MLB Edition of Spot It and I’m here to report that nothing was lost in translation. In many ways, I think the new editions will be a good entry for folks new to the game and a great way to level the playing field (so to speak) so that minor leaguers and pros can still go head to head.

In brief (because you can find a more comprehensive description of the game here) Spot It is a speed matching game. On each card there are 8 images. There is exactly one match between any two cards. Locate the match to earn points.

The MLB Edition replaces the standard Spot It images with the logos of all 30 major league baseball teams (as well as several baseball related graphics). Spot It is popular in my family, and I have a definite advantage when I introduce it to new people. The MLB edition eliminated much of the experience edge because I had to learn an entirely new set of images. And to my untrained, non-baseball-fan eyes, many of the logos are maddeningly similar.

Although the MLB Edition does not add anything to the core mechanics of the game, it does a great job of opening the game up to new players. As with the original, the rules are simple and clearly explained, the cards are colorful and packed with images, and there are several suggested games—all of which are a blast to play.

This is a smart tweak on a Major Fun game. It might not replace your trusty original copy, but it makes a great gift and point-of-entry for a baseball fan in your life.

For 2-8 players, ages 7+

Spot It! original game design by Denis Blanchot. © 2012 by Blue Orange Games.

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