Spot It Jr: Animals

You’d think Spot-It had won enough Major Fun awards already.

But what about a version of Spot-It that can also be played by younger children (ages 4 and up)? Would that also merit a Major Fun award?

You bet it would!

The animals on the cards are easier for younger kids to name. There are fewer items on each card and fewer cards in the deck. The shorter deck means less waiting to play the next game.

Major FunThe games are similar to the games in regular Spot It. Three suggested games are for ages 4 and up, two suggested games are for ages 6 and up. My nephews like game number 1, “Twins,” the best. All the cards are placed in a face down pile on the table. The first player takes the two top cards, and turns them over. The first player to “spot” the match wins those two cards. The game continues until all the cards are used up. Though the rules state that the player with the most cards wins, we, in typical Major Fun fashion, just count each player’s cards and then start the next round. No reason to make a big deal out if winning. Playing is fun enough.

My nephews started playing with Spot It Jr.! when my younger nephew was 4 and the older one was 6. They are now 5 and 7 and are still playing it. They also play with regular Spot It, but Spot It Jr. is easier and more fun for the 5-year-old.

Another testimony to how Major the fun is in both versions of Spot It:  they still play both games, and even my Dad, who generally doesn’t like games, has fun with them.

Spot It Jr.! is for 2-6 players. It is easy to transport and stays neat and tidy in its tin. Major Fun for adults and children. From Blue Orange Games.

– via Fun Majorette Erin Murphy

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