Spin Top

Since you doubtlessly recall our enthusiastic review of Erwin Franz’s hand-made SpinFlyer executive toy, you will immediately understand our enthusiasm for Mr. Franz’s 3-Piece Spin Top Set with Holder – kinetic desk toy.

These individually crafted tops, made of hard plastic, “feature a low center of gravity design with long spinning duration and smooth performance in the upright mode with random path behavior in the inverted mode.” Which is to say, they just keep spinning and spinning and spinning.

As with the SpinFlyer, the Spin Top lends itself to relaxation and contemplation, for at least a full minute of deep spin. Observe:

With three of them, in each of three different sizes, it’s like having a precision contemplation toolkit. You can spin all three when you need to. You can watch them collide. You can attempt to keep them from colliding. You can start each one at intervals and see how long you can keep them all spinning. You can spin one in the proverbial “inverted mode” while the other two are spinning in their upright position. And they will easily spin for an entire minute.

We who multitask all too often find ourselves fall into a virtual abyss. Talking on the phone, checking email, participating in a significant chat or two, we often find ourselves embarrassingly beyond coherence. The Spin Top gives us an alternative task to multi-our way into, so while we’re on the phone we can at least distract ourselves away from the virtual vicissitudes and spend a moment or two in wonder.

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