Sorry! Revenge

You, of course, know the board game called Sorry! And, though the card game Sorry! Revenge is not exactly like the board game (how could it be?), you get to be as just as smugly insincere when you say “sorry.”

The game is mostly luck, but if you pay just enough attention and make just timely enough decisions, you can honestly believe that you won because of your ineffable superiority.

There are a total of 109 cards in the deck. Fifty-nine of them are number cards, ranging from 0 to 10. Each player gets five cards. Players take turns, playing a card and picking a replacement from the deck. When a card is played, the player must announce the total value of the cards in the play pile. If, on your turn, you make the value equal 21, you win. If you make it go past 21, you lose.

Another 34 cards are action and Sorry cards. These allow you to do semi-sinister things like: reverse the direction of play, make the total value of the cards in the play pile equal 10 or 15 or even 21 (these are the “slide” cards – a cunningly calculated reference to the Sliders version of the Sorry game), take two more cards from the deck or play two cards simultaneously. The Sorry cards have, naturally, the most dramatic impact on the game – naturally, since most of the fun of Sorry, in any form, comes from the sheer drama of it all. One kind of Sorry card reverses your opponent’s win – so it becomes yours, instead. Another blocks them from playing their Sorry card on you. Yet another takes away a win they’ve already scored.

Each player also has 4 pawn cards. These cards are used to keep score. Flip a pawn card over, and it has reached “home.” The first player who has managed to bring all 4 of their pawn cards home is the winner.

The mechanics of the game are similar to an old card game called 99, and, yes, one can claim educational benefit because it requires the players to add numbers. But the real education is the 15 or so minutes of fun you get each time you play.

It’s not an especially pretty game. But then again, revenge isn’t pretty either. But fun? Oh, yeah! Especially for families with school-age kids.

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  1. What is the rule if a player achieves 21 then another player lays the switch card on top? Does the second player then get the 21?

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