Sock Puppet Charades is a KEEPER

After much enthusiastic deliberation, and deep delving by the chosen few, it became clear that Major Fun Award-winning Sock Puppet Charades was just too much fun for its award.

It’s the kind of game that you want to have around whenever you find yourself in a room full of playful people. It’s so easily adaptable to almost any setting with almost any mix of playful players. You can play in teams. You can play without teams. You can make up your own charades cards. You can write your own charades cards.

Here’s a little video, in case you need reminding:


And here, yes, is the Sock Puppet Charades Major Fun Keeper Award.

Major Fun Keeper Award

Richly deserved, you cute little charading sock puppets. And you, too, brilliant designer Jack Degnan, and astute game company Marbles the Brain Store.

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