Sketchy is a drawing and guessing game for 4-8 people from Fundex Games. It is cooperative, competitive, challenging, and laugh-provoking. It makes you feel closer to the people you play with. It can get very intense. And if you win, you not only feel good about your brilliance, but you also realize that it really didn’t matter who won. Playing Sketchy was so much fun, that it’s all the reward you needed.

The components are simple enough – 8 golf pencils, playing/scoring pads (ample enough for many replays), a deck of cards, a die, and a wonderfully annoying, batteries-included, electronic timer (the kind that ticks faster and faster every 15 seconds).

Each card has a list of six different categories. For example:

  1. Kinds of soup
  2. Sports where individuals compete
  3. Items on a teacher’s desk
  4. New England US states
  5. Foods that are eaten on a stick
  6. U-pick

Each page of the drawing/scoring pad gives you room to draw up to seven examples of the randomly chosen (by the roll of a die) category. Imagine that a category has been called, and the timer started. Now imagine everyone furiously drawing what they hope will be vividly clear illustrations of things that fit the category. When the timer runs inexorably out, and the annoying buzzer of finality finally buzzes, you use the column to the right of your drawings to name each of the objects you hopefully illustrated.

When you’re finished, you sit with your partner for that round and compare your answers, looking only at each others’ drawings (you fold over the column with the verbal descriptions of the objects so that your partner can’t see them, and you can’t change your mind about what your drawings actually depict). The timer is once more started, and you and your partner pro-tem decide which drawings on the two answer sheets are describing the same item. You can’t talk about what the items are. You must make your judgment solely on the drawings. And then you take score – 2 points for each item that appeared on both of your sheets, less one point for each item incorrectly selected. (“That was supposed to be chicken? I thought it was an artichoke!”)

You determine your scores. Write them down on a sheet somewhere. Change partners. And begin the next round. So see, even though you only score when you see eye-to-eye, as it were, with your partner, your cumulative score reflects your performance as an individual.

Designed by Brian S. Spence, Garrett J. Donner and Michael S. Steer, Sketchy is, by every measure, Major FUN. It is everything you’d want to see in a party game – absorbing, challenging, creative, intelligent, easy to learn, easy on time (a whole game can be played in 20 minutes), bringing people together, making people laugh.

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