Siege Stones

Siege Stones is a lovingly crafted strategy game for 2-4 players. Elegant and subtle, the game is easy to learn and the strategy deep enough to make it worth playing again and again.

It is difficult not to be impressed by the quality of the game components – beautiful glass markers add sparkling color to the wooden board and playing pieces. After a few turns, however, it quickly becomes apparent that the game is every bit as attractive as its components.

The object of the game is to lay claim to 4 of the 9 wooden “towers.” To do so, you must surround a tower with pieces of your color. However, proximity to a tower weakens the value of your pieces. Thus, while you’re engaged in a battle for a tower, another tower placed near your pieces weakens your claim. This makes the game strategically subtle – enough to give it a high replay value. Variations, including Siege Stones Charge, further extend the replay value, and invite players to create yet more versions of this challenging, subtle, and fast-paced game.

Siege Stones is one of the few strategy games that is as fun for 3 players as it is for 2 or 4. That discovery was the proverbial tipping point for us – making Siege Stones a most definitely Major FUN Award-worthy strategy game.

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