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Sides is a hilarious cooperative party game. In many ways it is the love child of Name That Tune and Password.

Playing as a team, how many magic words can you all score before you run out of letters? You do this together… but you do it by picking sides.

A line of seven letters sits before you. One side is a team of two, the Investigators. They must guess a magic word based on clues the Witnesses give. Only only clue is allowed at a time and the clue must begin with the letter at the end of either side of the line. “My clue is 7 letters long and begins with B.”

Investigators who listen closely each round have access to way more information than that one single clue, though, because the witnesses must openly discuss and debate whose clue works best.

Two groups, one team. Two letters, one magic word. Do your best to see things from many different sides.


Designer:  Cédrick Caumont, François Romain

Art / Graphic Design: Cédrick Caumont, Adrien Journel

Publisher: Captain Games

2-9 players | 30 minutes | ages 10+ | MSRP $22 | BGG Listing

Time to teach/learn: 3-4 minutes

Full show notes on all the segments are available at The Spiel.

Music credits include:

I Write the B Sides | Eels  | the song

On the Sunny Side of the Street | Louis Prima | the song

Walk on the Wild Side | Texas Lightning | the song

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