Short List 2019

We play hundreds of different games every year. Each one is given due consideration for The Major Fun Award and The Spiel of Approval.

Inevitably, there are games that might not fit all of the award criteria, but are games we really enjoy nonetheless.

These games make our Short List.

They might not have made the final cut, but any game on our Short List is one we think is engaging and fun.

Read on to explore the list.

I bet you’ll find at least a couple you’ll be itching to try!

Explore The Short List for the Spiel of Approval here.

Bugs on Rugs BGG  |  KTBG

LLAMA  BGG  |  Amigo

Noctiluca      BGG  |  Z-Man

Someone Has Died      BGG  |  Gather Round Games

Claim    BGG White Goblin

Most Wanted BGG  |  North Star Games

The Bears & The Bees BGG  |  Grandpa Beck’s

Railroad Ink    BGG  |  Horrible Games

Walking In Burano    BGG  |  Emperor S4  |  AEG

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