Say Anything, Family Edition

As you indubitably recall, Say Anything received not only the Major Fun award, but the extra special, invaluably honorific Major Fun Keeper award.

Now that Say Anything is available in its long-awaited Family Edition, one would naturally wonder if it could possibly be as award-worthy as the original. Does the new collection of family-appropriate question cards make it not only more child-appropriate (eight and up) but equally as adult-alluring?

After exhaustive Tasting (exhausting also – mostly from laughter), we are pleased to announce that it is our very considered opinion that Say Anything Family Edition is in every way as much of a Keeper as the original version. We were especially amused to discover that adults could play the family edition, and, with little prompting, interpret these carefully crafted child-appropriate questions with as salacious of insinuations as the most adult-classified adult or even teen-ager.

Major Fun, indeed, for kids, families, adults, around the dinner table, at a party, wherever fun is welcome.

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