Rory’s Story Cubes®: Actions

We have already greeted Rory’s Story Cubes with appreciation and enthusiasm. This elegantly designed Major Fun award-winning set of nine story-building dice has found happy welcome in classrooms and restaurants, libraries and living rooms. The evocative images on the faces of each die, the simple rules, the sturdy little box with the magnetic closure – all work so beautifully together to invite creativity and humor and the endless invention of new invitations to the imagination and new ways to play with it.

So it is with great interest and anticipation that we greeted the arrival of the Actions set of Rory’s amazing cubes. Same packaging. Same number of dice, but, instead of nouns, the illustrations suggest verbs. And, even if this is the only version of the Story Cubes you have, you’ll find the Actions set as stimulating and and inspiring as the original set. And, should you have both sets, you’ll soon discover that you can happily combine dice.

According to Rory:

One tip is to mix 3 Rory’s Story Cubes®: Actions with 6 Rory’s Story Cubes®. We find this to be a good combination for storytelling.

We find that some prefer the Actions for storytelling. Especially people exhibiting Autism. They can relate to the character it seems. Others don’t like the use of characters so much, as they find it hard to use images in other ways (unlike the more metaphoric icons on the original set). The Actions have been used on their own, and all 18 together, especially with larger groups (like in the classroom).

Quite a few teachers teaching ages 4-6 like to use just 3 dice of either set, to form simple sentences and stories.

What a fascinating invitation to explore not just story telling, but also story tellers. So much to play with. Such fun, as a way to spark your own imagination, as an exercise, a game, for children, families, creative thinkers of all ages and purposes. Thank you Rory. Thank you Gamewright.

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