Ringgz is a strategy game for two, three or four players. And yes, it is as strategically interesting with three as it is with two or four.

The object of the game is to occupy the most territory. You do this by putting a ring (wooden, of course) around the chosen point of territory. There are different size rings – three of different diameters, and one, solid, cylindrical core. You can put a larger ring around a smaller ring, or a smaller ring inside a larger ring. You can put a ring around any point of territory orthogonally adjacent to any other place you have put your ring. The player who gains a territory is the one who has the majority of rings around a point. Since there are a total of four concentric layers, you can easily tie. On the other hand, if yours is the only ring, at the end of the game, that point of territory is also yours. And then there are the large solid discs that you can play – not to gain territory, but to open up the opportunity (so you can claim a vertically or horizontally adjacent point next turn).

Rife, rife I say with strategic implications, each all subtle and delicious, revealing themselves at different times during the game, and still other times when you play again.

It’s not the kind of game that makes you laugh, unless you think it’s funny when you do stupid things. Which you will, and it is.

The pieces are made of wood. The board is made of wood. It’s a game well-worth the care with which it was designed and produced.

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