Repurposing for fun

You know those Teflonish plastic casters that people use to make their carpet-inhabiting furniture easier to move around? Like the kind made by the appropriately named “EZ Moves” company?

Think you could make something fun out of them? How about shoe-bottoms with the soles of a carpet-caster? Then you’d get something like, you know, Carpet Skates, that you could attach to your shoes, so you could, for all intents and purposes and stuff, skate, on the carpet.

And if you got a lot of them – say, enough for a couple hockey teams – you could play something very hockeyish, right in the house. Of couse, you’d need some puckish thing that would slide harmlessly and impressively across the carpet. Something like, o, I don’t know, a Carpet Puck?

One can only say “bravo” to the Simtec company, manufacturers of furniture slides and official Carpet Hockey equipment. Repurposing for fun. What commercial venture could be more worthy of massive encouragement? Again, I say “bravo.”


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