Rapid Reflex

Major Fun ribbon for most excellent slapping game.

Rapid Reflex is a card game that encourages the players to slap the table as hard as they can. The game consists of 8 colors of Reflex Cards (4 cards of each color) and 80 action cards. The action cards tell the players what color card to slap and with what hand. BUT, to borrow from Emily Dickinson, they tell the color slant. Instead of saying “Right hand BLUE,” the action card will say “Right hand JEANS.” Instead of saying “Left hand RED,” the card will say “Left hand STRAWBERRY.” Players race to slap the color with the correct hand. Once a player has a color they may not slap that color again. If they do, the player is penalized.

The game is played until one player has all 8 colors. An interesting twist is that slapping a card with the wrong hand does not result in a penalty. If the first player slaps a card with the wrong hand, no one gets the card. In this way you can prevent other players from getting the cards they need, but thinking that fast is quite a challenge.

Major Fun but watch your fingers!!

Rapid Reflex is for 3 – 4 players, ages 6+

Game design by Peggy Brown. © 2011 by Fat Brain Toy Company

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