Plext is a Boggle-ish word game that is unique and, consequently, uniquely fun. Designed by Chris Handy, who also designed the Major FUN Award-winning game “Handy,” Plext features a set of 14 letter dice. The dice are rolled and then placed in a tray so they line up end-to-end. Players then compete to list the FEWEST (“fewest” is definitely a new idea for word games) words that contain ALL 14 letters, in the order in which those letters appear.

We had a little trouble initially understanding the full implication of FEWEST and “in order.” So, here’s the deal. It doesn’t matter how many letters you add. All you have to do is use up all of the existing letters, in the order that they’re, um, in, and in as few words as possible. Let’s say that your letter array is: PFGBWOSMYHPCVD. A first word like “preferring” would use the P, F and G. For the next word, you try “worship” to get rid of the W, O, and S. That’s two words and six letters. For your third word, you reach the veritable apogee of verbal verisimilitude and write “mythopoetic.” Mythopoetic? Yes, indeed. In the dictionary and everything. Swallowing M, Y, H, P, and C! All that’s left is a mere V and D. “Void” will work perfectly. As would “Valid” or even “Envisioned.” So in four words, you use up all 14 letters.

We were surprised at how absorbing and fun, and unique, this little game proved to be. We were not, however, in the least bit surprised by the quality of the components and packaging. Like almost all the games manufactured by SimplyFun, Plext is lovingly packaged and presented, and the pieces well-finished and durable.

The game is recommended for 2-6 word-game players, ages 10 and up, with about 45 minutes to play.

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