Play Nexus – Defenders of the Playful

Play Nexus is an organization devoted to helping people recover and explore their playfulness.

They explain:

There’s something incredibly valuable about a good playground, one that helps people focus in a way that allows them to drop into the great Flow of life and start successfully connecting with and lining up with some of their sweetest dreams.  We teach people how to reopen and clear the playgrounds in their lives that have become cluttered because they’d stopped playing in them.  It’s fun to clear up your romantic playground or your beauty playground or art, money, writing, dancing, etc.  It’s unbelievably delicious to approach a newly cleared playground and frolic again, in your natural eagerness and thrill.   Here at Play Nexus we believe that true play is inherently elevating.  It makes you more who you really are, allows you to expand, to feel better & to shine brighter.  We like to facilitate playgrounds that tune people true.

Play Nexus – Defenders of the Playful

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