Picture Perfect

Release: 8/29/2022    | Download:  Enhanced  | MP3

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This party is in full swing. The food is a sumptuous feast for the senses. The music is lively and many are dancing. The conversations are a buzzing mixture of laughter and wit on subjects mundane and profound. There’s just one last detail to capture the moment… a picture!

You have been hired to commemorate the event with a group photo, showcasing the guests. It seemed like a simple job until each guest pulls you aside with a list of requests: I cannot stand next to him. I need to be on the left but make sure I am in front of her. I’m allergic to dogs, make sure that mutt is as far away from me as possible. It will take your expert skills to accommodate all their special needs, arranging and rearranging the guests and get everyone lined up just right.  

Picture Perfect is a game of logic and space with a technological twist. Over six rounds, can you puzzle out how to arrange all the party guests in a cardboard diorama? When you’re ready, snap a a photo with your phone and compare to see whose picture is closest to perfect.

Listen in to explore the game and discover why we think it is Major Fun!

Picture Perfect

Designer: Anthony Nouveau

Artist: Ronny Libor, Soren, Meding, Gyula Pozgay, Maja Wrzoek

Publishers: Arcane Wonders, Corax, Don’t Panic, Mebo, Broadway | BGG

2-4 players  1 hour  ages 10+   MSRP $45

Time to teach/learn:  5-6 minutes

Music credits include:

One Small Photograph  |  Kevin Shegog & The Gold Toppers  |  the song

Fotograf  |  Cool Candys  |  the song

Picture Book  |  The Kinks  |  the song

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