PDQ – a game for all reasons

PDQ is a sweet little word game – easy to learn, quick (Pretty Darn Quick) as a matter of fact – a game you can play by yourself or with maybe one, or several or even many other people?

You get a deck of 78 letter cards – nice looking, good stock, big, easy-to-read letter cards. You deal out three at a time, face-up. And then you see who can make a word first, or, in case of a tie, who can come up with a longer word. TLP, for example. Tulip. Sure. Or perhaps Platitude. Platitude. Of course. Longer than Tulip. (Did I mention that you can use the letters backwards or forwards?) (Did I also mention that you can use any number of letters before, between or after the three letters that you draw?) (And, of course, the letters have to be in the same order?)

Designed by Jay Thompson to be played by kids as well as adults (kids use just two cards at a time, word game experts can try playing with four), PDQ is pretty darn close to everything you would want in a word game – 5-30 minutes of engaging, challenging, and frequently laugh-producing fun.

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