OoogiOogi is an abstract doll with suckers for head, hands and feet. It is made of high quality silicone, thus you can bend and twist and stretch your Oogi with measurable enthusiasm. You can stick it onto things and itself and other Oogis. You can throw your Oogi at windows and refrigerators and bathroom tiles and it will stick just often enough and long to make you feel like a Ninja. You can stretch your Oogi and use to isotone your personal six-pack. You can further use your Oogi’s stretchiness to assist in the flinging process.

It’s just abstract enough to invite the imagination, just flexible enough accommodate your fantasies, and its stuck-to-it–iveness is just unpredictable enough to make you laugh.award

Oogi is, at heart, a social creature, and is more than twice as fun when it has another Oogi to play with. There are two sizes of Oogi. The large Oogi and the other one that’s about half the size and price.

If you have one of each, a large and a small, the small can become the baby and hang from the mommy’s neck or ride the daddy’s back. Depending on the player’s mood, they can be endearingly loving, or startlingly pugilistic. Both of them, after all, are equally adept at throwing sucker punches.

Oogi is made by the Swiss label MOLUK, the same people who brought us the Major Fun award-winning Bilibo. It’s available in the U.S. from Kid O. Oogi is fun of the Major kind.

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