Natalie Marie Kinsey – Defender of the Playful

Meet Natalie Marie Kinsey, Defender of the Playful. The following is from the Google Plus Hangout we shared, wherein I meet her, face to virtual face, for the first time.


Listen her talk about her life, her vision, her belief in play, her work to share her amazing spirit and lead others into fun.

Defender of the PlayfulRead this description of Week 9 (Plays Well with Others) of her Yes/Play/Love workshop, wherein she writes:

Sharing joy amplifies it.

Another’s presence in play brings a heightened awareness, which, if you’re in alignment, is a thousand shades of rad, and if you’re off, can be like trying to do a push up with five kids wrestling on your back.

The more glad you are to be YOU, the better your play with others will be.  The more you love about  you, the more of you you’ll let come out to play. All the playgrounds before this come to bear on this one.  The more stable you are with allowing in abundance and staying in your own business, the broader, more wide ranging, and flexible your play, with everyone, will be.

Need I say more?


In the mean time, watch the video, browse her site, look for her on Facebook (wherein she is known as PinkNinya YammerblastLil), on Google+ (HiHo Silver Away), and here (Natalie Marie Kinsey, Defender of the Playful)

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