MOX is an elegant invitation to play, and whimsy, and laughter, and exploration, and shared silliness.

This is what MOX looks like when you make it laugh:

This is what it looks like when you turn it inside out:

And this, when it or you are feeling grumpy:

It’s such a simple toy, and it does so much. And anyone who is old enough to laugh can play with it, safely, alone, with other people who like to play.

It comes to us from one of my favorite toy designers, Alex Hochstrasser, whose company is called MOLUK.

I’ll let Alex explain:

Driven by a passion for great design, MOLUK strives to create innovative, sustainable products that don’t just entertain kids on a superficial level, but invite real interaction.

In a time where everything is getting more virtual, MOLUK offers toys that are totally manual, toys that get children to move and explore, toys that stimulate their senses and minds.

There are no ON and OFF switches, batteries or complicated instructions – MOLUK toys are powered simply by a child’s imagination.

MOLUK only collaborates with trusted manufacturing partners who share our values and deliver excellent, safe and long lasting products which are sold through a growing network of reliable and dedicated distribution partners around the world.

Major Fun Award

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