Marc Bekoff, Defender of the Playful

You read my review of Marc Bekoff’s children’s book Animals at Play: The Rules of the Game.

Here, from his The Animal Manifesto: Six Reasons for Expanding Our Compassion Footprint – a brief excerpt:

If animals can think and feel, what do they think and feel about the ways humans treat them? What would they say to us, and what would they ask of us, if they could speak a human language? Here is what I believe their manifesto would consist of:

  1. All animals share the Earth and we must coexist.
  2. Animals think and feel.
  3. Animals have and deserve compassion.
  4. Connection breeds caring, alienation breeds disrespect.
  5. Our world is not compassionate to animals.
  6. Acting compassionately helps all beings and our world.

Read more:

Hence, it is with similarly wholehearted delight that I nominate Marc Defender of the Playful.

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