Maask is a lovely game – easy to learn and understand, easy to play, and, most remarkably, as the game continues, it gets even more interesting.

It’s a well-made, wooden game, of the quality we’ve come to expect from Blue Orange Games. There are 12 wooden pegs that come in 6 different colors. These “jewels” are hidden in 12 wooden cylinders, all of the same color, and placed around a board that looks like a crown. A pair of six-sided dice determine which colors the player is trying to find.

At first, it seems like a simple memory game. If you can remember which color is where, chances are you’ll be able to find the colors you roll. Then it gets a little more complex. Once a color is correctly identified, the peg and cylinder become the temporary property of the player who guessed it, who then arranges her prizes in a line in front of her. If you can remember which colors she has where, then you have a better chance of winning when it is your turn, because you can take anyone’s “jewels.” Of course, this means you have to forget where the colors were originally.

As the game continues, and “jewels” change hands and places, the challenge increases. This goes on until the last jewel is taken from the playing board crown. The rules even encourage the players to help each other, keeping in mind that it is always a strategic decision whom to help and why.

Having two dice to play is an act of compassion on the designer’s part, because, with two colors, there’s always the chance that you might know where the next one is. If you know where both colors are, you, most deservedly, get another turn.

Maask is a genuine family-worthy game, of interest to anyone who has a memory, fun for anyone who likes to play.

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