Le Boomb!

Le Boomb!Le Boomb! is such a simple game and the fun it generates is so obvious that it’s a little hard to take it seriously enough to call it a game. Maybe an ice-breaker, a warm-up, a game to decide who gets to go first when you play the real game. But don’t let the size of the game and the ease of learning it fool you. The fun may be brief, but it’s most definitely major.

There are two components: the “boomb” and the die. On the die there are three different faces: one is a picture of a bomb, one a picture of a bomb with its fuse lit, and the last – a picture of an explosion. When it’s your turn, you throw the die. If it shows a bomb, you take the “boomb.” If it shows the lit fuse, nothing happens. If it shows an explosion, and you have the “boomb,” you’re out of the game.

So, if you find yourself holding the “boomb,” you’re very interested in what the next player throws. I mean, very interested. And if not, you’re just watching the game unfold and feeling generally smug. And, as more and more players are out of the game, you get smugger and smugger – unless you’ve already been “boombed” (the game is mercifully brief, so if you’re out, you’re not going to be out for long, and the game is so silly, and so much about the luck of the die that you don’t have time to take it personally).

Major Fun AwardIt’s small enough to easily fit in your pocket. The “boomb” opens up to store the die, so it’s very, very portable. If you have it with you, you’ll always have a quick game to play whenever you find people who are on the brink of boredom. You don’t have to play until everyone is out. You can just as easily play that the first person who gets “boombed” gets hugged and pitied into submission, and maybe has to start the next game of Le Boomb or “le something else.”

Designed by Jean Vanaise for 2+ players (manufacturer recommends up to 16 players, we think maybe 10), 6 years and older, Le Boomb! is made available in the US by Mayfair Games

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