There’s something about throwing a dart in a long, slow. graceful 35-foot arch that is innately, deeply fun. Grace, yes, a key contributor to the long-lived fascination of Jarts and the Jart-like.

Not horseshoes, not bocce or corn hole, but a long and slow flight of hefty, dart-like Jarts. Nothing like it.

About the older version, the one with the needle at the end: yes, it was exceptionally extra-satisfying to see your Jart land point down into the ground and just stay there, all a-quiver with the thrill of landing anywhere, point down, into the ground. The one that killed a few and maimed many more.

So don’t come running to me with disappointments and complaints about modern overprotectionism. Wait ’til you’ve played a game or two, and noticed, once again, the grace of those long, gentle flights, and maybe managed to get a throw or two actually into the target, or thought about how fun it might be to try some kind of Frisbee Golf with Jarts game or maybe a Jarts Olympics or something.

Not as pointed, perhaps, but still Major FUN.

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