In10sity, you see, is Trivia-like in it’s nature, but a kinder, gentler, and significantly Major Fun-worthy Trivia game.

In10sity is called that way, because all of the 700 trivia-like questions can be answered with a number, a relatively small number, between 1, and don’t you see, 10. Which makes all the difference between the Trivia games of known Triviality, and this cleverly, but perhaps misleadingly Trivia-like game of In10sity. If it’s numbers, you can just guess. And if you’re right, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you knew anything at all about the question in question – not as necessarily as it means that it could have been just dumb luck. Or perhaps some uncanny sensitivity, some ability to empathize to the point of… Nah. A lot of times, it’s luck. I mean, how many Danny DiVito’s do you think it would take to reach the top of a bamboo plant?

Funny, impossible, sometimes requiring actual knowledge, In10sity is party-worthy Trivia game, designed specifically for people who are more interested in testing their collective capacity for luck and laughter, than in demonstrating superior knowledge.

Everything included in the game, from the board to the “answer dials” and the three different dice – giving variable scoring potential each turn. Well thought-out, well-produced, worth playing again and more than likely again.

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