Think Colorforms – thick, bright, hefty, magnetic, geometrically-shaped colorforms. Imagine these thick, bright, hefty, geometrically-shaped colorform-like pieces that you carry around in a wood-framed suitcase. Now, while you’re at it, think Tangrams. That would explain the deck of large, two-sided cards, printed with colorful designs of varying complexity – each of which can be made with some or all of the thick, bright, hefty, colorful, geometrically-shaped pieces.

OK. We’re getting close.
Now, add a dry-erase marker or two. Note how you can draw, and of course, erase on the inside of both panels of the suitcase. Which means, if you want, you could make any shape out of any combination of pieces, outline the shape with a marker, and make your own puzzle. Can you take all the pieces off and put them back on?

Imagine all the things you could do with this set, all the places you could play with it, the puzzles you can try to solve, the puzzles you can create, the designs you can make. If your imagination is good enough, you’ll understand why this toy is called Imaginets, and why it was given a Major FUN award.

Imaginets is a toy that can engage children in a wide variety of creative and intellectual play experiences. It is easily shared (lay it flat and you have two, clearly de-marked play surfaces), and just as easily something that your child can play with by herself. It’s roughly the same size and feel of a briefcase or laptop computer, and thus lends itself to dramatic play. The ability to draw on the surfaces (no, the dry-erase markers are not included, and yes, it’d be neat if they were) adds a unique dimension to this activity, increasing the invitation to play, to exploration, to creativity and interaction.

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