Hyper-Slide, true to its name, involves sliding, and a level of activity which can accurately be described as “hyper.”

There are 4 pucks. Each is a different color. There’s a bridge which serves as a goal, as it were, and sometimes as a net, more-or-less. On top of the bridge are two buttons that light up. Go ahead, press one. Wait. First, put the batteries in. OK, now press one of the two light-up buttons.

The, shall we say, “Hypehost,” filled with youthful, gameshowhost-like enthusiasm, says: “Hyperslide!” Then: “Choose the game you want, then press the button to get started.”

One of the buttons is lit, so you press that one. “1)Fast Pass,” says the Hyperhost, to gameshow-like musical accompaniment, “2) Add One,” it continues, “3) Code Buster 4) Fast Pass Head to Head 5) Add One Head to Head.” So you hit the blinking button.

“Fast Pass. The All Time Score is 52 Passes. Red begins.” Says the Hyperhost.

And the light starts blinking and the music starts playing. So you throw a Yellow puck through the goal. And the voice says “Red Begins.” So you throw the Blue through. And it says “Red Begins.” So you throw the green one through. And the music is playing. And finally you throw the Red puck through. And the voice says “Red.” So you throw the Blue through. And the music ends and the Hyperhost says: “You should have played Red: And it asks “play this game again or play another game?” And both buttons flash.

And then you realize that you really need two people to play. Unless maybe you install that “Cyber-rubber-band”ish thing across the goal.

The fun of each of the 4 games is greatly enhanced by the voice, musical timing, ability to know which of 4 pucks you slide through it, or don’t, and very long memory of the Hyperhost.

You do what the Hyperhost tells you to do as fast as it tells you to do for as long as you can. And the Hyperhost creates the challenge, taunting you with its ability to rembember the score, forever, until you reset it.

Given only two flashing buttons and 4 different-colored pucks, a Hyperhost with a good sense of timing, like the one in Cyber-Slide, can put the proverbial partridge back into your conceptual pear tree.

This Hyperhost leads you in at least three games. Or five. Or ten. Depending on what you play and how you play them and how many people play – from one to probably four.

Fast Pass: slide the color puck the Hyperhost tells you to, and only that color puck, in maybe 90 seconds, as often as you can while the music gets faster and so does the Cyberhost.

Add One: like the game of Simon, you have to slide an ever increasing repeating series of pucks, puck-by-puck.

Code Buster – slide whatever works until you happen to slide the right ones across the goal. try to do it faster next time.

Fast Pass – Head to Head: Fast Pass for two. Hyperbandlessly.

Add One – Head to Head: Also Hyperbandlessly, Add One – for also 2. Or 4 especially even. Though playing by yourself is also fun, even.

Self-storing, with an almost intuitive game design, Hyper-Slide provides for many different levels of physical and cognitive challenge, featuring clear, but mild-mannered Hyperhost that acknowledges your success without rubbing your face in your failures. All-in-all, Hyper-Slide is Major FUN. For the whole actual family.

From: Hasbro.

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