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I announced Major FUN Award to the DeepFUN group, and was delighted to hear that Roz Trieber has announced her candidacy:

At this time of my life I switched from bugs to people that means changing from a medical technologist to a health educator turned humorist. I have branded myself “silly” by wearing a “beanie” hat (like Cecil and Beanie) covered with silly buttons. I wear this hat everywhere including business and social functions.

I am involved in many business and civic organizations. People laugh, chortle, guffaw and point their finger. We laugh and I observe more people change a frown to a smile and say “you made my day.”

I’m silly, funny, and include laughter and the unexpected in all of my presentations. Publicly, I’m the lady with the beanie hat on. I actually have several hats that go with different outfits. Talk about coordination!

He deserves paradise who makes his companions laugh. –The Koran

Roz calls herself “The Naturally Funny Lady who wears a “beanie hat” all of the time”

Here’s an article from Roz: “When Things Get Tough, Take Yourself Lightly”.

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