Heximoes are, as the name so clearly implies, hexagonal dominoes. 132 hexagonal dominoes, to be precise. Compared to your basic rectangular, 28-in-a-set, two-number dominoes, Heximoes are at least three times more complex. So the question is, are they, as the manufacturer suggests, six times more fun?

Though it is difficult to quantify fun, it is not at all difficult to experience the fun of Heximoes. They are every bit as fascinating as dominoes (see this for more about the many wonders of dominoes). And, because they are hexagons and each number is a different color, the games you can play with them tend to make much more appealing, geometric patterns. The challenge of placing tiles is also far more fascinating, since you have to match each adjacent tile (which can be as many as six!).

The manufacturer, Educational Insights, describes three different games, and a solitaire version, each of which is as inviting and challenging as any domino game you can think of. If you know dominoes, you’ll understand how to play Heximoes almost immediately. On the other hand, the experience of playing with six-sided tiles is so clearly unique, that any comparison to traditional dominoes does little justice to the experience of play.

Heximoes are made of cardboard, so they can’t compete with the look and feel of a traditional, ivory, wood or plastic game of dominoes. But they certainly can compete with the play value. All in all, Heximoes are Major FUN.

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